Simple Media is redefining what it means to be a media marketing agency.

We begin with a transparent pricing structure and follow through with reliable processes, clear timelines, and quality deliverables. We are results focused, and we don’t waste time or effort as we help businesses solve tough digital challenges. Our absolute obsession with value has led us to utilize proprietary technologies and leverage them to our potential, and we incorporate premium resources and impart our stylish excellence into all that we do.

We are confident in this: You are an expert in what you do, and your time is best spent focusing on your goals… not on the strategic details of your creative, web and marketing initiatives. Sure, you can go out and hire a freelancer on a per-gig basis. Or you can hire a ridiculously skilled creative marketing team that you can trust to get your projects done on-time and deliver optimal quality for a value that represents the services rendered. (Oh, and with our fair market value pricing, your new logo won’t cost as much as your car.)

We’ve built a reputation for ourselves in the best of ways.

Our team is full of real people – from resourceful creatives to data geeks – who care about what they create and who they create it for. Diversity is a strength that brings a global perspective to the culture of our company and the projects we lead. Most of us call Dallas home, though our entrepreneurial roots stem from the coasts of Italy, the forests of East Texas, and the north of Mexico. As we’ve grown, our reach now extends all the way to Asia, Europe and South America, where our senior level design & development teams work intimately with our state-side creatives to bring our marketing strategies to life.

From design to development to advertising, you’ll have peace of mind seeing that Simple Media is just as invested in making your business succeed as we know you are.

Nick Bonanno
Founder - CEO
Amy Bonanno
Co-Founder - Director of Communication
Tony Romo
Director of Digital Strategy
Robert Ewing
Storyteller, Architect, Digital Innovation
Sierra Treviño
Content Specialist
Arnulfo "Pon" Quimada
Creative Director
June Leoman Lapera
Lead Front End Developer
Daniela Fracassi
Lead Creative
Brands Served