Simple Media is a multi-disciplined creative agency with a focus on website development, social media strategy and management. Amy and Nick Bonanno founded the company in 2007 and, subsequently, built a robust boutique agency noted for its humanistic approach to technology and ability to craft creative and technology solutions for a diverse roster of clients. By enabling them to employ simple solutions to complex marketing challenges, Simple Media clients—even those who were late-to-the-party in the digital space—have become more competitive in today's world, enjoying measurable and multiple successes.

Nick Bonanno - Co-Founder & Owner

Nick Bonanno plays many roles, including father, husband and businessman. He is the co-founder and owner of Simple Media LLC.

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, it comes as no surprise that Nick brings an element of style to all of his endeavors. He is a serial tech entrepreneur with over a dozen year’s experience in marketing strategy, design and web development. Nick is highly regarded as a solution-driven leader in the tech space with the ability to drive digital marketing initiatives that build brand value and result in sustainable, profitable growth. He is an expert in aligning strategy with organizational goals and interpreting the voice and vision of the client through enhanced customer insight and knowledge management.

Nick possesses what might be best described as a pure heart. He makes time for many philanthropic pursuits; a particular focus is the necessity of enlarging resources for disadvantaged children. His commitment to the issue led him to become an ambassador and brand strategist for Kids Vision for Life, a charity that offers the children of low-income families the funds to purchase eyeglasses, yielding measurable improvement in academic performance. Additionally, he currently sits on the advisory board of Veterans Institute for Film and Media, an offshoot of Dallas Film devoted to the retraining of vets for careers in film and media.

 First and foremost, Nick is a devoted husband and father of two. He enjoys cooking and coaching his son’s soccer teams.

Amy Bonanno - Co-Founder & Owner

Amy is the co-founder and owner of Simple Media and is widely known in the Dallas advertising and media community as a client-driven professional with over 14 years of experience in sales, account management, online marketing, and business management. Her career spans across a diverse group of industries, including retail, technology, telecommunications, vitamins/wellness, restaurants, manufacturing and healthcare. She has demonstrated unparalleled results in developing marketing strategies that build brand awareness and increase market share for a diverse group of happy clients.

A native Texan, Amy is appreciated for her creative insight, pragmatic approach to problem-solving, ability to assemble highly-collaborative and impactful teams and a remarkable facility for demystifying the often-baffling world of tech and social media to even her most analog clients. Because of this collection of inter-related skills and ability to communicate to a broad constituency, she is referred to as the "Bridge Builder" of Simple Media. She currently serves on the DFW American Marketing Association board as the Executive Vice President of Communications.

In addition to her professional commitments, Amy is a devoted wife and loving mom to her two sweet boys. With what limited leisure time remains, Amy, enjoys practicing yoga, cooking and reading mystery novels.