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Don't let the summer heat slow down your marketing

It’s that time of year again...


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Customers are on vacation, away from technology and, worse, away from your business. I mean, who can blame them? Everyone wants their time outdoors and be present with the fam. What can be to blame, though, are businesses pausing their marketing in response to the slow season.

We’ve heard all the reasons.

  1. We’re cutting on our budget since biz is slow!

  2. It’s not really our priority right now…

  3. We don’t think the biggest reach can be found.

  4. We aren’t seeing any sales from our marketing.

  5. Oh no, we’re just pausing it for now – but we can just start it up again later?

As much as these reasons may discourage your from investing any more time and money into your Marketing, doing so may actually harm your business a lot more in the long run. Here are Simple Media’s top three reasons on why you definitely shouldn’t let the summer heat slow you or your marketing down.

1) Customer research and planning never stops

If you’re familiar with the customer purchasing funnel, you may know that the first step to any purchasing decision is creating awareness of the product or service. Customers tend to do a lot of research online to ensure that they make the best choice possible. If your company isn’t taking every step to make sure that your brand is seen all throughout the year, guess what? You won’t even be part of any consumer’s consideration set. How can you show off what you got if there’s no way to see it?

So, don’t stop running those Google Ads just because you aren’t seeing as many click throughs, because we promise that saved money isn’t going to do you any good either.

2) you will lose your momentum

We get it. Everyone loves seeing results and we do to! But what we have to understand is that Marketing is like a car engine. It takes time for it to start and accelerate, but once it gets going you can keep it at a good, consistent speed. Once you stop the engine or hit the brakes, though, you lose that momentum and it takes more power to accelerate and get back up to speed you were at before.

This is why it is so important to be consistent with your marketing. It takes time for Marketing to start showing results and the moment you slow it down, you lose impressions and leads. And just when you thought you were saving money, you realize you are going to have to spend much more to get your marketing back up to where it was.

3) you're going to fall behind other competition

You probably aren’t the only one that is thinking about cutting their Marketing budget. Your competitors may or may not be too! But what does that mean? Well, either (a) you cut your budget too and don’t show up in search results or (b) you get ahead of all your competitors on search results by focusing your efforts on marketing during this slow business season. Getting your name out there to potential clients is so important and the way to do that is by consistently being present on the webfrom running ads to posting on social media. Use this time to touch up your Marketing and optimize your website so that you can rise above your competitors.

Marketing is an expense that drives sales, so to continuously invest in it is definitely worthwhile. Here at Simple Media, we seek to continuously educate our clients with Marketing knowledge. It may take from 6 months up to a year to get your Marketing up and going, but Simple will always be transparent you, so that we can help your businesses make the decisions to reach its fullest potential.

Let us help you revamp your Marketing this summer through our wide variety of services including website development, social media strategy and content creation!

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