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TAC – The Arnold Companies Web Consolidation

A Simple Web Solution to a Complex Operation

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  • Email routing to multiple departments

  • Multi-team access

  • Faster speed


  • Custom email routing

  • Custom content modeling

  • Page load optimized (576ms/page)

Over the past 50+ years in business, TAC – The Arnold Companies has successfully managed their company to perform consistently, despite economic downturns. Through clear skies, as well as the occasional turbulence, TAC - The Arnold Companies remains guided by the principles of discipline and integrity displayed by their founder, Truman Arnold.








Reduction in CMS
Technical Debt

TAC hired Simple Media to consolidate their many website properties belonging to all their brands, including TAC Energy, TAC Air, Keystone Aviation, and TAC Investments. In addition, as TAC moves to acquire new companies, Simple Media is involved in the creation of micro-sites and content.


  • Disjointed sub-brands' websites
  • Very slow page load speed
  • Security issues
  • Static content modeling (unable to make edits)


Simple Media devised a website strategy that included the following:

  • Architected and prototyped a website that would help consolidate all TAC's sub-brands, while keeping them independent of each other
  • Page load optimized
  • Built a content model that would satisfy each department
  • API social media stream (multiple companies, multiple channels)
  • API integration to for image galleries

"Simple delivered a complex project with many moving parts on time and budget.  The website meets the needs of all our departments."

— Tad Perryman - VP of Marketing

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