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Techy Services

UI/UX Prototyping

Before you sign up for the marathon, you’ve got to get some training under your belt. UI/UX prototyping is always a good idea. UI/UX Design Services!


UI/UX services agencies provide the foundation for all strong web and mobile applications (think built with brick instead of straw or sticks). It’s about ensuring information flows and must-have usability (or user experience), which impacts mobile and desktop users alike. Oh, and did we mention it’s one of our favorite steps towards perfect information architecture?

A great UI/UX strategy + a detailed prototype will help visualize how your app will function. Skip the extra time and money it will cost you for modifications with this preview step.



First, we review all approved AI documentation and lay out the foundation of the design. #justgettingstarted

Elissa Nadel

I am very happy with the results. Our new site is bold and modern and they created a seamless user experience that will directly impact our bottom line. They managed our project efficiently and always met our tight deadlines.

I would not hesitate in recommending Simple Media for their professionalism, dedication and technical expertise."

Elissa Nadel
Marketing Manager, TAC - The Arnold Companies

Information Architecture Deliverables


IA Documentation

IA Documentation - A PDF that includes the existing navigation (for existing projects), proposed navigation, messaging hierarchy and other considerations.


Content requirement outline

Content requirement outline - An inventory of all content needed for each page of the website, outlining all existing and needed copy, images, videos, documents, etc.



The foundation of the low fidelity prototype, these are laid out in a document for purpose of initial presentation.


Low fidelity prototype

Low fidelity prototype – Built using our favorite prototyping tool, InvisionApp, a low fidelity UX prototype allows users to demo each page and visualize the entire website flow all before it’s designed.

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