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Company History & Philosophy.

Company History & Philosophy.

Simple’s roots go way back to ancient Rome when the agency was manifested into existence by a benevolent yet highly judgmental god of advertising. Okay, not really. But we have been around a pretty long time now, at least long enough to see some pretty radical transformations in how business is done, especially online.

In this spirit, we now step boldly into the Web 3.0 frontier, embracing of next-generation technologies, and fully committed to helping companies prepare for the changes and challenges ahead. Better yet, we “keep it simple”, honoring the name under which we’ve staked our reputation.


Nick Bonanno

Nick Bonanno

Founder, CEO & Senior Advisor

Nick started his 17+ year career in digital media, advertising and technology as a freelancer, developing small brochure websites, and implementing basic SEO strategies, mostly for friends that were starting companies. Fast forward to today, Nick is highly regarded as a leader in his space, having worked on both strategic initiatives as well as execution for brands such as ExxonMobil, Yum! Brands, Kentucky Fried Chicken, 7Eleven, and many more global brands. His passion lies in aligning strategy with organizational goals and interpreting the voice and vision of the client's brand through enhanced customer insight and data management.

When he isn't working on a fun new project, Nick keeps busy with his wife and two boys. He coaches his youngest son's soccer team, and volunteers for Operation Bliss and the Greater Dallas Veterans Foundation.

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