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Creative, Technical and Beyond

Creative, Technical and Beyond

Yes, we can do creative marketing (and quite well we might add), but we especially enjoy helping companies evolve, whether that means pushing the creative envelope, coming up with new revenue channels, or advancing their online technology altogether.

Ushering in the promise of Web 3.0, and backed by an expert-level, multi-disciplined advisory, Simple Media works with you to make sure that your technical operations and marketing practices are in check and positioned for future growth and opportunity.

  • Business Continuity and Meta-convergent Technologies (Web 3.0)
  • Modern Brand Orientation (Narrative, Licensing, and Activation)
  • Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Compliance
  • Global Localization Strategies
  • Search, Analytics and A.I.
  • Everywhere eCommerce
Strategy Projects

Strategy Projects

Transformation doesn’t start with the hottest new social app, and it doesn’t springboard from some nifty viral video campaign (yes, we said “nifty”). It does, however, come from a deep, almost surreal, understanding of how to turn sterile brand tenets into honest to goodness market share.

Rules of engagement? Simple. Pull the brand apart and ignore anything that doesn’t move the brand forward, increase loyalty, or create customer value. If we need to create new marketing plans, new sales processes, new digital products, or new brands altogether, so be it. Our SMEs will create a way forward that makes sense.

  • Brand Expansion
  • Digital Transformation
  • Sales Attribution
  • Go-to-Market
  • Bespoke Technologies
Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership as a service? You bet. Every brand has its potential after all. But all those shiny new key performance indicators don’t amount to much without a meaningful content strategy.

Simple not only explores a brand in terms of target and competition, but also roots out new opportunities for brand exposure – new conduits for messaging, topical niches, and disruptive pathways. More times than not, this leads us to creating some pretty insightful stuff along the way.

Our team of advisors and subject experts can help with:

  • Research & Data Analysis
  • Content Planning and Execution
  • Data Visualization
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Campaign Management


Simple Media provides a number of structured, 1-3 day workshops that can be conducted here in-office, or if numbers demand, at your place of business.

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to sell you some new certification for your wall. Marketing moves fast, like really fast. Technology moves even faster. If we can flatten the learning curve and make things a little easier for your team, then we’re happy to do it. We’re are always willing to come out, dispense what we know, and take any questions you might have.

Our structured programs include:

  • Branding Beyond the Logo
  • Transformation in the Age of Meta
  • Changes in Mobile Marketing
  • Unraveling NFTs, Crypto and the Blockchain
  • Digital Monitoring and Analytics
Creative Storytelling

Creative Storytelling

Remember when digital first came on the scene? Most marketers (and CEOs don't you know) didn’t quite know what to do with it. “The Internet is a fad”, they said. “TV and print aren’t going anywhere." "Social Media is for teenagers." (Hmm.)

Now fast forward to today. Brand opportunities are everywhere - on every screen from television to mobile to VR. Technology is integrated to every waking moment.

As a brand, can you really afford not to stand out?

Our creatives ride the line between art and technology and can readily assist in delivering your brand in ways that capture the imagination and span the digital gamut.

  • Web + Mobile
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Advergaming
  • Video and Social
  • Non-fungible Assets (NFTs)


Modern convention is always finding new ways to confound the non-development bystander. And Web 3.0 doesn’t disappoint! As the world dispenses with apps that run on a single server, or store data with a single provider (cloud or otherwise), Simple Media is here to help you with the transition.

Not ready for Artificial Intelligence or the blockchain just yet? No worries. Simple’s team of UI/UX specialists, web/mobile developers, and SEO experts can help with your Web 2.0 needs too.

  • Traditional application development
  • Modern website development via Jamstack (Javascript, APIs and Markup)
  • Alternative platforms: HubSpot, Gatsby, Contentful
  • Blockchain (C++, Go, Ruby, and more)
  • Headless eCommerce
  • Angular
  • Bespoke eCommerce Solutions
  • Amazon FBA
  • Shopify Partner Services
Next-Gen Marketing

Next-Gen Marketing

As one generation folds gently into another, so do the “rules” when it comes to appealing to them. These rules impact not only where brands “hang out” online and how they communicate with their audience, but also the issues they take up in the real world, issues which are proving more and more to drive consumer choices online or not.

As technology and creativity rises to the occasion, Simple is here to help you address the marketing challenges inherent to both Millennial and Zoomer generations, exploring new mediums, new outlets, and new ways to authentically connect across all touchpoints.

Our in-depth focus includes:

  • Brand Journalism
  • Experiential Tie-ins
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Environmental Social Governance (ESG)
  • Corporate Team Member Engagement
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusions (DE&I)

Case Studies

"Operation Chill" Initiative

"Operation Chill" Initiative

Simple Media takes 7-Eleven’s famed Operation Chill digital, prompting positive relations with the nation’s youth and signing up over 300 participating police agencies across the U.S.. Slurpee® drinks continue to flow.
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